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Volunteer Opportunities

ChIFF relies on the generosity and dedication of our community of volunteers.  We seek volunteers who share a commitment to supporting Chicano/a film and the arts.  Volunteers are an essential part of our film festival; including pre-festival preparations, special events, opening and closing night receptions, community outreach programs, live music and dance performances, and guest speaker lineups.  Join the ChIFF community! For volunteer information, details and requirements, please submit an email with the following information to: info@chicanoiff.com

* First/Last Name:

* Phone number:

* Email:

* Address:

* City

* State/Province

* Zip/Postal Code

* Birthdate - Volunteers must be 21 and over

* Availability: Please tell us which days and times you’re available to volunteer

* Are you currently a student enrolled at a university or college?

* How did you hear about volunteering at ChIFF?

* Are you involved in the Film Industry in any capacity? If yes, please explain how you are affiliated with the Film Industry:

* Are you OK with being placed in an outdoor position?

* Are you able to do physical labor as part of your volunteering? This involves lifting and moving of over 20 lbs.

* Please list any special skills you think might be of use when volunteering:

* Emergency Contact Name

* Emergency Contact Phone number

* Emergency Contact Relationship

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