Latino: The Changing Face of America

Submitted By: Roxanne Frias

Category: Documentary Feature

Runtime: 58:00

Synopsis: A revolution is occurring in the United States, a demographic revolution, and I am part of it.  I’m an American raised to be proud of my Mexican heritage. I’m a Latina. This is the story of my people.

Currently, 55 million Latinos live in the U.S., a number projected to double in approximately 35 years when nearly one in three people in the United States will be Latino.

«Latino, the Changing Face of America » explores this demographic revolution through my own story, as a daughter of Mexican immigrants, and through the stories of Hispanic students, teachers, and immigrant families, whom I encounter as I travel across the country.  For so long considered second-class citizens, Latinos are now taking their rightful place in society.  And, with their fast growing numbers, they’re changing the political landscape of the United States.

“Latino: The Changing Face of America” examines this new America.

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