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Visual Artists

This year, ChIFF's  Galeria A La Brava present the Chican@ Experience art exhibit at the BoatHouse.

Curators for this art exhibit with live performance include Adrian Rivas, Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, Nuke, Luis Vega, Alicia Vargas, Lupe Carrasco, Eddie and Ernie Espinoza, (Los Cuates).


Visual artists for this exhibition include:

John Valadez

Los Angeles-born John Valadez earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1976 from California State University, Long Beach and was one of the founding members of the Public Arts Center in Highland Park, organized to provide studio space and access to cooperative mural projects. During the middle and late 1970s, Valadez often...Read More from the Chicano Collection.


Leo Limon
Leo Limón was born and still resides in East Los Angeles. Called the "Alley River Cat Artist" by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, he is known for the cat faces he paints on the cement walls channeling the Los Angeles River. Limón's work on paper deals mostly with the indigenous ideals of "corazón" and uses many Aztec symbols...Read More from the Chicano Collection

Barbara Carrasco
is a Chicana artist and activist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She is considered to be a "renegadefeminist" whose work critiques dominant cultural stereotypes involving socioeconomics, race, gender and sexuality.  Carrasco is as equally comfortable as an artist in creating large-scale works, like murals, as she is with detailed, small-scale pen and ink work.

Nayeli Guzman

Jose Lozano

Victoria Delgadillo

Raul Baltazar

Consuelo Montoya

Margaret Garcia

John Garcia

Francisco Palomares

Felix Quintana

Carlos Duron

Yanina Orellana

Arturo Romo-Santillano


Chris Velasco

Jose Guadalupe

Vanessa Cirillo

Ester Peteschar

Aurora Van Zoelen

Jose G Sanchez


Ismael Cazarez

Kelly Hernandez

Heriberto Luna

Raul Gonzalez

Luis "Chango" Huffington

Osvaldo Cervantes

Willie Huitzilin Reyes.