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Winners for the 2016 Film Festival are as follows:

Narrative Feature: I Am Gangster
Synopsis: A rebellious teenager, a hardcore gang member, and an idealistic cop risk everything to find their place in the crumbling fabric of modern America.
Director: Moritz Rechenberg, Run-Time: 1:45:00

Narrative ShortVámonos
Synopsis: When Mac, a young butch Latina dies, her girlfriend Hope must overcome both personal grief and homophobic hostilities from Mac’s family in order to respectfully send Mac off into the after-life as she would’ve wanted.
Director: Marvin Lemus, Run-Time: 00:12:19

Documentary FeatureLatino: The Changing Face of America
Synopsis: A revolution is occurring in the United States, a demographic revolution, and I am part of it.  I’m an American raised to be proud of my Mexican heritage. I’m a Latina. This is the story of my people.
Director: Roxanne Frias, Run-Time: 00:58:00

Documentary Short¡Hola Kitty!
Synopsis: The film address the challenging issues of Latino illegal immigrants in the US. The main subject is a Latino immigrant who works in New York City in a Hello Kitty costume; a popular Japanese fictional character. Never revealing who's behind the mask, the film is a metaphor of faceless immigrants who work in the shadows of American society. The documentary blends social commentary with pop culture.
Director: Daniel Burity, Run-Time: 00:10:22

LGBTQ: 400 Miles
Synopsis: At his father’s request, a young man returns home after several years to make peace with the man he vowed never to see again.  400 MILES is a story of forgiveness. Raul, a young man, gets word that his father—with whom he’s had an estranged relationship for years—is on his deathbed. Reluctantly, Raul makes the long journey home. Along the way, Raul reminisces of the events that both shaped and defined his relationship with his father.
Director: Felix Martiz, Run-Time: 00:29:39

Avant-Garde: Immigration Turf
Synopsis: Shot on an I-Phone, "Immigration Turf" is an experimental interpretive dance video exploring the issue of ICE raids on undocumented families. Based on a true story, "Immigration Turf" explores the daily life of Johnny, a young turf dancer who is disillusioned by his father's struggle to find work as a day laborer. Right before his family sits down for dinner, unexpected guests arrive...
Director: Rafael Flores, Run-Time: 00:05:00

Student Film: Morose
Synopsis: A lonely woman becomes embraced by a fantastic garden only to learn the importance of keeping beauty intact.
Director: Daniel Olivas, Run-Time: 00:02:00

Youth Film4242
Synopsis: Cristi has just moved to an unknown country, far away from family and friends.
At first, she is happy for the challenge. But soon she begins to question her place in this new world that seems to be a lost town, made of absences, distances, silence and indifference.  '4242' is the story of a young female immigrant, a story of a teenager's anguish who is trying to redefine her identity after being forced to leave home.
Director: Sara Eustaquio, Run-Time: 00:11:12

Music Video: Defend With Me
Musician: Ana Saldaña, Run-Time: 00:04:47


Take a 30-second sneak peak at this year's film finalists.

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