Gallery 2

  • ¡Hola Kitty!

    ¡Hola Kitty!

    Submitted By: Daniel Burity Category: Documentary Short Runtime: 10:22 Synopsis: The film address the challenging issues of Latino illegal immigrants in the…

  • Latino: The Changing Face of America

    Latino: The Changing Face of America

    Submitted By: Roxanne Frias Category: Documentary Feature Runtime: 58:00 Synopsis: A revolution is occurring in the United States, a demographic revolution,…

  • Everything Comes From the Streets

    Everything Comes From the Streets

    Submitted By: Alberto Lopez Pulido Category: Documentary Feature Runtime: 57:08 Synopsis:

  • Vámonos


    Submitted By: Marvin Lemus Category: Narrative Short Runtime: 12:19 Synopsis: When Mac, a young butch Latina dies, her girlfriend Hope must overcome…

  • A Good Man

    A Good Man

    Submitted By: Gary Alvarez Category: Narrative Feature Runtime: 8:45 Synopsis:

  • I Am Gangster

    I Am Gangster

    Submitted By: Moritz Rechenberg Category: Narrative Feature Runtime: 01:45:00 Synopsis: A rebellious teenager, a hardcore gang member, and an idealistic…

  • Gods


    Submitted By: Gustavo Coletti Category: Narrative Feature Runtime: 01:36:48 Synopsis: God is waiting in a brothel from heaven, that the…

  • Immigration Turf

    Immigration Turf

    Synopsis: Shot on an I-Phone, "Immigration Turf" is an experimental interpretive dance video exploring the issue of ICE raids on…